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Don’t Give Up Without a Fight!

The first thing to determine is the nationality of your loved one. I must speak with the detainee of the relative or friend that is inquiring about my services in person so that I may be able to obtain an original signature on an official immigration government form, so that I may be hired by the detainee himself in order that I will be able to approach. (It can’t be done over the phone, it must be done in person) Did they enter alone or accompanied by anyone, including children? Where is the person being detained?

Then we need to determine the period of time they have been detained. I must speak with the relative that is inquiring about my services in person to obtain an original signature on official government forms to be hired so that I may be able to approach immigration or the appropriate federal agency and determine what charges are filed against your loved one and his or her current immigration status. Without me being able to find and speak with your relative, I cannot help at all. (It’s just like going to the doctor to determine an illness.) You cannot expect any good answer or result on a case over the phone without retaining my services so I can investigate if your loved one can be admitted into the US temporarily or permanently.

I must be able to locate your loved one once they become my client. Getting their side of the story about what happened and why they are here is important. I must find out what forms they signed, if any, and what information they provided to the law enforcement agency. After that, I will approach the appropriate arresting agency and obtain the official Governments version of the events leading up to their case.

Keep in mind that the government’s version is the official version of what happened until proven otherwise. If their version is favorable to your loved one’s case, we will stick to it. If not, I will have to present the case with evidence in order to maximize any types of relief that may be offered.

Always bear in mind that even though your loved ones are paying for services, the one being detained during the process will be my client, and my loyalty is to helping my client based on their situation.

Since I am located on the Texas / Mexican border, all local immigrants are usually detained within 10 – 15 miles of my location. Due to space limits, there is a very short window that they will be held here locally at my location before they are moved. Many times, they will be moved to another facility which then makes it even harder to locate that person. So it is very important for the family to unite and rapidly decide whether they are able to help their loved one or not. Travel time and locating your loved one becomes a factor of being able to pay for such services as well.

I am here to help families under the laws and right circumstances bring their loved ones into this wonderful country to be a part of the American dream. Keep in mind the American dream begins with making the right decisions in obtaining that privilege and rights to become a part of this great country.

Yours truly,

Attorney George V. Garcia
“Never giving up without a fight”

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